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You are an active participant in  IBD Partners research prioritization process! Have you ever had a question about IBD that you wish science could answer? Tell us what research is important to you!

Here, you can submit a research idea to the community, cast your votes, and discuss research ideas proposed by other members. Please make your research question as specific as possible. Other members will vote on your research idea, and we will prioritize research ideas with the most votes.

You are allowed to vote for your own proposed research idea if you want. However, you can only vote for a total of five research ideas. If you have already cast your five votes and an idea you like even more is proposed, you can change your votes at any time to reflect your current preferences.

The research team will review all submitted ideas and provide a response to you and to the community. If your idea leads to an IBD Partners Study, you will have the opportunity to serve as a patient collaborator on the research team for that study.

We encourage you to prioritize the ideas that are most important to you, even if the research team determines that your idea is not a good fit for IBD Partners. We will share ideas labeled “Not a Good Fit” with researchers outside of our network when appropriate. We want to make sure all of your votes count!

Thanks for your participation in this important platform to help the IBD research community understand what research questions are important to patients. We are passionate about finding answers to your questions!

Published Studies

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Social Media Use and Preferences in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease


There has been growing interest in the use of social media for managing chronic illnesses. Few studies have examined how patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease utilizes social media as a tool for managing their health. In this study we surveyed patients in Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation partner’s database to get a better understandings of patient’s preferences for social media usage. We found that 32% of IBD patients utilized social media for disease management. We also found that the majority of patients were unsure of the quality of IBD related information posted on social media and most agree d that the quality could be improved if the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation contributed to posts. The leading concerns surrounding social media use were privacy/confidentially and lack of trust of information posted. In summary, IBD patients expressed interest in utilizing social media to aid in the management of their disease, though lack of knowledge about quality exists as do concerns about the privacy/confidentially of posts.

Full Scientific Manuscript

social media; digital health

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Partners Patient-Powered Research Network - Patient Perspectives on Facilitators and Barriers to Building an Impactful Patient-Powered Research Network


Successful patient-powered research networks (PPRNs) can improve health behaviors and outcomes. Researchers for this study wanted to better understand how a PPRN might meet the needs of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). To do this, they sought feedback from members of the IBD community through focus groups and phone interviews. Focus group discussions were designed to understand participants’ experiences and needs managing their disease. Discussions also explored the outcomes most important to participants and ways to make a PPRN most useful. Individual interviews were used to assess different design prototypes of the patient portal user interface and explore ways the portal could help track and manage IBD while simultaneously contributing to research. The research found that participants were more willing to participate in the PPRN if the knowledge gained from research studies would benefit both society and the individual. However, participants were concerned about the credibility of online resources, pharmaceutical industry profiting from their data, data security, and the time it would take to participate in a PPRN. Participants expressed that they wanted a true and equal partnership in every phase of building a PPRN. They also felt it was important to have access to personal health records and be able to track health status and symptoms. This feedback was incorporated into the design of the IBD Partners PPRN.

Full Scientific Manuscript

PPRN; Disease management; Online resources

Lifestyle, Health Maintenance, Research Methods
Development of an Internet-Based Cohort of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (CCFA Partners): Methodology and Initial Results


This manuscript describes the creation of CCFA Partners and the first 7,819 participants. Of the people who took the first surveys, 72% were women, the median age was 42 years, 63% had Crohn's disease, 34% had ulcerative colitis and 3% had other IBD. CCFA Partners is a unique resource to study patient outcomes and satisfaction, quality of care and changes in disease management over time.

Full Published Manuscript

community; population; resource; outreach

Research Methods, Study Updates

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