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How does menopause effect ibd? Can UC change into CD due to hormone changes

I know two other women as well as myself who all agree that had their UC which changed into much worse fully involved crohns after menopause. GIRD, illeum strictures, rectal fishers, stomach and esophagus ulceration, mouth sores...

Women's Health
last activity 8 months ago
11    5
Proposed Idea              

Female menstrual cycle and the worsening of symptoms with each cycle. Is this hormone related and would contraception ease symptoms?

My monthly cycle can often catapult me back into a full on flare and at the least i see a deterioration in my symptoms at this time of my cycle

Women's Health
last activity 6 months ago
32    3

What is the relationship between IBD and hormones? How do the two impact each other?

I have been alternating visits with my GI doc and gynecologist for over a year. We are still having trouble pin pointing if IBD, IBS, or hormones are causing my symptoms. My feeling is that it is all three, and they are causually linked.

Women's Health
last activity 7 months ago
18    4

What is the role of stress and the stress response in autoimmunity?

Anyone with a disease can tell you that high stress environments make symptoms worse and relaxation techniques often help. It has also been shown, primarily in animal studies, that "stress hormones" like cortisol or changes at in epigenes have severe repercussions across the body. Can managing these help control symptoms or remission?

last activity 9 months ago
55    4

What is the effect of hormones, particularly increased estrogen, on Crohn's disease.

The common statement is that 1/3 of Crohn's patients feel better or go into remission during pregnancy. Why? Is there a way to be able to replicate the "pregnancy effect" when patients are not pregnant.

Women's Health
last activity 6 months ago
63    8
Proposed Idea              

Can intermittent fasting improve outcome for IBD patients?

Intermittent fasting is an ancient and safe practice. Many studies have shown the health benefits of fasting for people with obesity and diabetes. Fasting helps stimulate human growth hormone. Could fasting improve the outcome of IBD patients?

last activity 2 months ago
2    0
Proposed Idea              

Is there a relationship between maternal, fetal, or early childhood infection and the development of IBD later in life?

My mother contracted shingles when she was pregnant with me. I believe my Crohn's could potentially be related to prenatal immune stress caused by my mother's infection. Mothers and fetuses share hormones, immune cells and other factors that could impact the development of the immune system in the fetus. A potential mechanism for this could involve epigenetic changes in the expression of genes related to immunity.

Women's Health
last activity almost 3 years ago
9    0
Proposed Idea              

Are children more likely to develop IBD if they are conceived through IVF?

This question is relevant to me because I was conceived through IVF, and my mom wonders if that may have something to do with my diagnosis of Crohn's. Her reasoning is that mothers who choose IVF have to take very high doses of hormones, so she wonders if that may have negative effects on the mother that can affect the baby's health. I think this is an important question because it could affect how mothers choose to have children, especially if IBD runs in their family. It may also be helpful for children conceived through IVF to know their risks, so they can be aware of it and be followed more closely by their PCP, especially if they have GI troubles.

last activity almost 2 years ago
1    0
Proposed Idea              

Do hormones affect IBD flares?

Many women seem to experience more GI symptoms during their period. Perhaps the onset of IBD is linked to a hormonal imbalance which manifests by attacking the gut.

Women's Health
last activity almost 3 years ago
7    0
Proposed Idea              

Is IBD/flaring commonly associated with gynecologic manifestations, such as lichen sclerosus or localized inflammation at the labia/vaginal vault?

There's a lot of information available about some specific extra-intestinal manifestations, but not in this area. More than 50% of the IBD Partners participants are female, and studies already document a correlation between hormones and flaring.

Women's Health
last activity about 2 years ago
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