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You are an active participant in  IBD Partners research prioritization process! Have you ever had a question about IBD that you wish science could answer? Tell us what research is important to you!

Here, you can submit a research idea to the community, cast your votes, and discuss research ideas proposed by other members. Please make your research question as specific as possible. Other members will vote on your research idea, and we will prioritize research ideas with the most votes.

You are allowed to vote for your own proposed research idea if you want. However, you can only vote for a total of five research ideas. If you have already cast your five votes and an idea you like even more is proposed, you can change your votes at any time to reflect your current preferences.

The research team will review all submitted ideas and provide a response to you and to the community. If your idea leads to an IBD Partners Study, you will have the opportunity to serve as a patient collaborator on the research team for that study.

We encourage you to prioritize the ideas that are most important to you, even if the research team determines that your idea is not a good fit for IBD Partners. We will share ideas labeled “Not a Good Fit” with researchers outside of our network when appropriate. We want to make sure all of your votes count!

Thanks for your participation in this important platform to help the IBD research community understand what research questions are important to patients. We are passionate about finding answers to your questions!

Proposed Idea              

Do longitudinal evaluation of Vit D3 findings relate with disease activity, progress, treatment response, or remission?

Crohn's patients appear to have consistently low Vit D3, and disease prevalence is higher in northern latitudes with less sun and lower natural Vit D3 exposure and levels. Ultimately conduct longitudinal study to evaluate benefit aggressive management of Vit D3 to assist as adjunct in therapy, and to consider benefit of supplementation in at possible risk populations (1st degree family at high latitudes).

last activity 5 months ago
2    0
Proposed Idea              

Why some women with Crohn's Disease achieve remission, during the second and third trimester of pregnancy, then flare months after giving birth.

Because, it happened to me with both of my.pregnancies. During my first trimester, I had to be hospitalized with partial obstruction. After that, I was healthier than I'd been in years, until a few months after giving birth.

Women's Health
last activity about 2 years ago
1    1

Are biosimilars equally effective maintaining remission in patients who achieved remission with the “brand” TNF-blocker?

I was at a recent CCF educational session and the gastroenterologist giving a talk said that VA patients, stable on infliximab, were switched to the biosiomilar, presumably for cost. Some did not do was well after the switch. If someone is stable on a TNF-blocker, what is the risk of their illness worsening if switched to the biosimilar?

last activity almost 2 years ago
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Proposed Idea              

Is there disease activity index reduction from supplementing with Vitamin C (pills vs food-source)? Is the effect increased by melatonin supplementation?

My IBD unexpectedly went into remission when I added orange juice to iron-rich meals to fight tiredness/anemia caused by rectal bleeding.

last activity 5 months ago
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Proposed Idea              

Can you develop a version of steroids that doesn't have the negative side effects?

Steroids are the ONLY medication that has ever worked for my UC. I have tried 9 other medications and none of them get my disease in remission. I also get every awful side effect that steroids cause, so I can't stay on them for very long. I know a lot of other people in this same situation. A version of the steroid that was just as effective at putting the disease in remission and also didn't have the side effects would be worth researching.

last activity 5 months ago
0    0
Proposed Idea              

Are parasites (like hook worms) a safe and effective treatment option for patients with IBD?

Patients are buying and self-administering parasites, claiming that they have induced remission or reduced their symptoms. I'd like to see a scientific study that determines whether the use of parasites is safe and effective. If the anecdotal evidence can be verified in a study, then we may have another treatment option for IBD. If it is not safe and effective, then people ought to know so they don't self-administer something dangerous.

Alternative Therapies
last activity 6 months ago
12    0
Proposed Idea              

Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on IBD.

Because I stopped consuming MSG and my IBD was in remission for 6 years (only became slightly active again after being on Gabapentin (Neurontin) which is a known IBD aggravater.

last activity about 4 years ago
4    0

What are the pros and cons of the different biologic medication options and how do they compare to one another? Is there a specific order that these should be tried?

With an increasing number of patients taking biologic medications (remicade, humira, entyvio), we need to know how these compare both in remission rates and side effects

last activity over 4 years ago
2    1
Proposed Idea              

What causes morning nausea in Crohn's....and how to remedy it?

I've been suffering with morning nausea the last 5-6 years in the winter. My Dr. says it's not my Crohn's. That appears to be in remission with imaging. I am seeing many forums online where others are suffering from nausea/vomiting intermittently with their Crohn's disease where it will last for a few months, then go away.

last activity about 2 years ago
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